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Okay so you just read a wonderful review about an iPhone app. You go to iTunes, download it to your iPhone and start playing around with it. You click here, tap there. That review said something about resizing the how do you do that? You keep clicking and tapping. You stop for lunch. You return for more clicking and tapping. Oh well, you will figure it out later. 

And now your new exciting app just sits on your iPhone desktop waiting for that day when you will have more time, which if you are like me doesn't come for quite awhile. 

I kept thinking what I needed were "Cliff Notes" for my apps. So that's what we are creating...short easy to read guides. And they are all under $1. 

We've started with iPhone photography apps because...well I'm a photographer. Also in the first group is a journaling app. Try one out and leave a comment to let us know what you think.

We're working on lots more so check back often. 

Hope you like them.
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